Total Stations

R80 Motorised Total Station

The R80 is ideal for high precision surveying areas such as rail traffic monitoring, bridges, dams and landslides.


Cost effective and reliable, the R35 series is the most customisable total station on the market.



Characterised by high accuracy and long reflectorless range, the R25T can be used for a wide range of work including cadastral, mapping, staking out and other precision works.


The user friendly interface makes the R20 series easy to use in a range of applications including construction, cadastral, mapping and staking. Through the Bluetooth connection, it is possible to connect an external controller to provide customised field software.

R1 Plus

Able to measure up to 5,000m with a single prism and 600m reflectorless (KGC 90%) and with an angular accuracy of 2” the R1 is a light and fast machine, able to operate for up to 26 hours. The onboard field programmes, included as standard, make it applicable for a range of jobs such as construction sites, cadastral, mapping and staking out points.

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